BookWeek Scotland Appearance 27th November 2015

Added on 07 October 2015

In news that sent shockwaves around the world of literature and had the people of Edinburgh running into the streets in celebratory scenes of total mayhem, it was announced yesterday that Douglas Lindsay will make his first public appearance in Scotland since the 2002 Edinburgh Book Festival, as part of BookWeek Scotland.

Reference Library

Edinburgh Central Library

George IV Bridge

November 27th 2015 7-8pm

Appearing at Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge on Friday, 27th November, Lindsay is expected to draw crowds of upwards of three to four people for his 7pm event.

‘It’s going to be bedlam,’ said First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who yesterday made the announcement of Lindsay’s return to public engagements to a hushed parliament, which had been recalled for an emergency sitting.

Immediately questions were being asked about policing of Edinburgh for the day, and whether the city has the infrastructure to handle the mass influx of crime fiction fans predicted to swarm the nation’s capital.

During his long absence from public view, several myths have grown around Lindsay. A noted adventure sportsman, he was rumoured to have died base jumping in central Estonia; there was some suggestion that he had walked alone onto the Mongolian Steppe and would never be seen again; while others thought that in fact Lindsay had never even existed, and that the name was merely a nom de plume for the more subversive writings of JK Rowling or George RR Martin.

No one, as yet, knows the veracity of any of these rumours. Now the lucky few able to get a ticket for November’s event have the chance to find out for themselves.

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