Brazil - The Blog Entry

Added on 31 December 2011

There's a scene in The Final Cut when one of the bight young marketing executives is describing his sales concept for a new insurance policy to gorgeous serial killer Harlequin Sweetlips. His pitch is as follows:

Brazil: first it was a country, then it was a nut. Then it was a football team, next it was Terry Gilliam’s motion picture event. Now, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in association with Picture Perfect Assurance brings you, Brazil, The Life Insurance Policy. For all those times when life’s a beach.

See, when I wrote that, I was joking. Now, Unilever, in association with who knows fuck, bring you Radox Brazilian Fusion, the Limited Edition Shower Gel.

The label, for some reason, seems happy to proclaim: feel renewed & revived with natural dragon fruit & camu camu berry.

Natural dragon fruit my arse. And camu camu berry? Oh please.

The rear of the bottle reads:

Enjoy a moment under a hot shower with our Limited Edition shower gel inspired by Brazil. We've carefully blended Kaka's sweat, the aroma of the Rio favelas, the burning stench of the disappearing rainforest and the ashes of Socrates to leave you feeling renewed and revived.

There's also a sister limited edition bottle named Eastern Spirit. Apparently it smells of Fife.

Go on, indulge yourself.