Cover image for MR KITE! Released

Added on 27 March 2014

The world of publishing was in ferment today with the release of the cover image for the forthcoming, Blasted Heath/Douglas Lindsay novel, BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR KITE! While the precise publication date is not yet known, industry insiders predict that the digital release will be in the hands of the public by May at the latest.

MR KITE, a surreal tale with so many layers of metaphor and imagery that no one is quite sure what it’s about, is set to become the fastest selling ebook since records began. ‘We come at last to the great surrealist novel of our time,’ said publishing analyst, Professor Malcolm Connery, of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things. ‘Remember these days, remember them well, for your children will ask where you were when you first read this book. It’s going to be like The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle multiplied by the Bible.’

A flight bound for Los Angeles crashes somewhere in the USA, killing everyone on board. Everyone, that is, except one man. As the plane goes down, James Kite inexplicably finds himself transported to a beach in the north of Scotland.

Grilled by American agents intent on establishing some connection between him and the downed plane, Kite finds himself incarcerated in a building where the notions of time and space are lost; yet, as the interrogation becomes ever stranger, he begins to realise that their interest in him goes far beyond, and much further back, than the plane crash.

A surreal story that rips along with the page-turning pace of the very best thrillers, Lindsay’s twelfth novel sees his writing take off in an extraordinary new direction, as Kite is thrown into a bizarre, Kafkaesque narrative. From Warsaw to Seattle, and from Dubai to Glasgow, Kite wanders through a world haunted by the mysterious Jigsaw Man, a world of coffee and the Beatles, of love and obsession, and a world where only certain people can see the red door…