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Added on 16 March 2014

New novels for 2014:


A flight bound for Los Angeles crashes somewhere in the USA, killing everyone on board. Everyone, that is, except one man. As the plane goes down, James Kite inexplicably finds himself transported to a beach in the north of Scotland.

Grilled by American agents intent on establishing some connection between him and the downed plane, Kite finds himself incarcerated in a building where the notions of time and space are lost; yet, as the interrogation becomes ever stranger, he begins to realise that their interest in him goes far beyond, and much further back, than the plane crash.

A surreal story that rips along with the page-turning pace of the very best thrillers, Lindsay’s twelfth novel sees his writing take off in an extraordinary new direction, as Kite is thrown into a bizarre, Kafkaesque narrative. From Warsaw to Seattle, and from Dubai to Glasgow, Kite wanders through a world haunted by the mysterious Jigsaw Man, a world of coffee and the Beatles, of love and obsession, and a world where only certain people can see the red door…


A long, hot summer at a small vineyard in the south of England, the winemaker Pitt patrolling the vines, micromanaging every one. But this summer is different. This summer there is a new cook in the kitchen, and everything is changing.

What is the mystery of Yuan Xue, and how far is Pitt prepared to go to help her? The vineyard is in crisis, with the bank chasing debts and government inspectors snooping around, yet Pitt is drawn further and further into Xue’s dark and disturbing world.

Pitt’s wife, Daisy, looks on, nervous and insecure, impotent with fear; her mother, Mrs Cromwell, watches everything, biding her time. She will be not fearful, but vengeful.

And walking through the vines in near silence on these warm summer days, Pitt must address the most perplexing question of all. Where are the birds? The blackbird and the starling, the chaffinch and the thrush, all gone. A few dead birds at first, and soon the skies are silent.

A ROOM WITH NO NATURAL LIGHT is an intense and powerful work of literary noir, the destiny of each character intertwined with suffocating tension.

Currently under construction:


DS Hutton is thrown into a murderous middle class hell, as the amalgamation of four churches turns deadly.

Due filming in late spring 2014:

THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMSON starring Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, Ray Winstone and Ewan Bremner