Added on 22 August 2013

Mark Carney, the new pin-up governor of the Bank of England, today acknowledged the excitement and optimism created in the business community by the release of Douglas Lindsay's second collection of blogs, THERE ARE ALWAYS SIDE EFFECTS.

'This is a game changer,' Carney is quoted as saying in the August edition of Cosmopolitan, in which he becomes only the third Bank of England head to appear in a butt-naked centrefold. 'There's a saying in economics that every time Douglas Lindsay releases a book, an angel eats a pie. His forthcoming PLAGUE OF CROWS promises to be Harry Potter 8 meets Lord of the Rings 4, but even these blog collections are gold dust.'

The UK's GDP is expected to leap to over 10.7% for the third quarter and experts are saying that this extraordinary rise is largely down to the explosive sales of the first two of Lindsay's trilogy of blog collections, which began with the award winning FOR THE MOST PART UNCONTAMINATED.

The second book of the trilogy is generally considered a more mellow, more autobiographical collection than the hysterical, bile-spewing wrath of the first. 'If There Are Always Side Effects was a cheese,' says Professor Malcolm Connery of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things, 'it would be a rich, complex brie. With cranberries. And a hint of blancmange.'

THERE ARE ALWAYS SIDE EFFECTS is available on Amazon Kindle, and contains over twenty-five blog highlights from the last ten years, including The Perfect Stone, And The Oscar Goes To The Muppet In The Corner, The Curious Incident Of The Dog On The Billboard and An Ingenious Plan To Cure Opera.