CURSE OF THE CLOWN Publication Day

Added on 23 March 2020

Good morning, followers of the Barney Thomson Cinematic Universe.

The world needs many things this morning, and a new Barney Thomson book probably isn’t one of them. But I don’t have ventilators, face masks, an unlimited supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, common sense and political leadership.

I do, however, have a new Barney Thomson novel. So that’s what you’ll find here.

Last year, Mulholland Books at Hodder published the three Westphall novels, and then said they didn't want any more, and did I have a stand alone novel they might like? I wrote a stand alone novel - entitled THESE ARE THE STORIES WE TELL - which, best as I can describe it, is a literary crime novel.

I sat back and waited for them to pronounce. Nothing happened for a while. I cast around for something to do, turned down offers to write Star Wars Episode X, The Haunting of Agnes Skywalker and Iron Man IV, and decided to write a Barney Thomson novel.

There are literally three and a half million crime writers now on earth, and none of the others are eight books into a series set in a barbershop, so I thought I might as well do the one thing that separates me from the crowd.

So, here it is. Barney Thomson 9. That's all.

(Meanwhile, Mulholland never accepted These Are The Stories We Tell.)