Douglas Lindsay Discusses THE UNBURIED DEAD On R4 Today Show

Added on 02 February 2012

This morning, celebrity crime writer, Douglas Lindsay, appeared on Radio 4's Today show to discuss his new novel THE UNBURIED DEAD, with presenter John Humphrys asking the questions. This is a transcript of the full interview:

Humphrys: So, the list is out of guest authors and attending authors at this year's Harrogate Crime Writing Festival. You're not on it.

Lindsay: No, no I'm not.

Humphrys: You've been doing this shit for nearly seventeen years now, and you're still not getting invited to Harrogate. That's, like, such an epic fail. How does it make you feel to be such a loser?

Lindsay: I was all right up until now.

Humphrys: I mean, all right, there are some big names there, but you know, aside from the Rankins and the Nesbos and the like, you look down the list and you think, fuck, who are some of these people? There are people on there who aren't even famous on the street where they live, and yet they're getting invited. How hard can it be?

Lindsay: Can we talk about my new book now?

Humphrys: But you will be at Crimefest?

Lindsay: Yes.

Humphrys: At least that's something. Of course, you paid to get on a panel. You bought success.

Lindsay: That's what you do at Crimefest.

Humphrys: But there are probably some authors who get their publishers to pay for their entry. Did your publisher pay for your entry?

Lindsay: My new book's called The Unburied Dead.

Humphrys: Any other festivals lined up? Any chance we'll see you in Edinburgh this year?

Lindsay: Probably not.

Humphrys: In a way, that must be even harder than not getting asked to Harrogate. They had you at the Edinburgh Festival. Once. A long time ago. And now you can barely afford to buy a ticket. It's like, fuck, I don't know, Chesney Hawkes or Richard Dreyfus, some shit like that. What was it with you? Drugs? Women? Booze?

Lindsay: The Unburied Dead tells the intriguing story….

Humphrys: I'm afraid that's all we've got time for. Thanks for talking to us, Duncan Lindsay, whose new book, Dead and Buried will be out in all formats on Monday.

Lindsay: Digital forma...

Humphrys: And now Ed Miliband, who's brought his mum into the studio today to help him answer the questions...