Naming The Unburied Dead

Added on 06 February 2012

Today is official publication day for THE UNBURIED DEAD. It's been pretty hectic around here. Interviews with the BBC, ITV and Babestation, a photo shoot for Hello! magazine and a lunch engagement with Barack Obama, Brad Pitt and Avon off Blake's 7. Later there will be a celebrity launch party in space and cocktails with senior members of the royal family.

Here's today's THIS BLASTED LIFE column on the Naming of The Unburied Dead.

Writers will present their new manuscript to the publisher with an exciting and perfectly apt title, and when they get it back, copy edited and re-written, the title will have changed. Famous examples of novels that only saw the light of day with a different name from that intended by the author are Stieg Larsson's Men Who Hate Women and Agatha Christie's Mr Poirot Goes To Choo Choo Land.

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