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Added on 03 April 2009

In The King Was In His Counting House, the Scottish First Minister Jesse Longfellow-Moses realises that if he is ever going to have any real power in life, then he is going to have to get out of politics and into the media. In Lost in Juarez, although the popular tide turns against the Prime Minister near the end, the final death knell does not come until the Australian media magnet refuses to take his call, and has obviously switched allegiance.

At President Obama's first London press conference, only one British newspaper was allowed to ask a question. The Sun. It used this privilege to enquire if he had a message for the England football team.

Yesterday, while the leaders were meeting and coming to their great Banking Fudge which will no doubt continue to benefit them and all their Fiscal Buddies, Yahoo News had two important leading stories:

A third of men in the UK would rather play video games than have sex with their partners; and the tale of a puppy that had to have an operation because it had swallowed a baby's dummy. These were both, at one time in the day, top of the news. Men Prefer Games To Sex (with their partners, that is..); Puppy Swallows Dummy, Needs Op.

Big on Yahoo US as we speak: Why Dominos gave away 11,000 pizzas...

Politicians and bankers aren't the real problem. I don't know the origin of the old line about society getting the media it deserves, but whoever first thought of it deserves a free Dominos pizza at the very least.

And there's me just given Dominos even more publicity.

Dominos - It's Not Pizza, It's Art On A Bit Of Dough