My Part In This Blog

Added on 28 May 2011

The regular reader might notice that I rarely write stuff about the publishing industry or the general business of writing, apart from when it relates to me. I suspect this makes me look like some sort of narcissist. You know you can always tell the self-obsessed by how often they use the words I and me and mine; the way they make every story about them. They'll be telling you what happened during Formula 1 practice, and included in the story of qualifying will be what they were doing when Perez crashed, and what they thought about it and how shocked they were and how relieved they were that he was still conscious afterwards. The my part in his victory syndrome. Spike  Milligan was joking though. The self-obsessed aren't.

The problem I have with writing about the publishing business is that I know fuck all about it. Ah-ha! you cry; that doesn't stop most other people writing about most other things. There are millions of people out there writing complete wads of shit about stuff they don't really understand.

True, true enough. I just don't want to be one of them. Which means I'm restricted to writing about things that I know of. Such as

  • what I did yesterday
  • what I did earlier today
  • what I'm going to do tomorrow
  • George Harrison, Bob Dylan, the 1950's Ethiopian low-budget zombie pygmy-women movie scene, the New England Patriots, Twin Peaks and scones.

The trouble with that last list is that there are going to be people who know a lot more about all that stuff than I do, so there doesn't seem to be any point. And so inevitably, this blog ends up being 25% about me, my books and adverts I just watched on TV, and 75% Shit I Make Up.

And so...

I need a name for the upcoming online novel. It's going to be entitled The Strange Case of Something Something. Two days ago it was Dolores Mockingbird, but that's not quite right. It's just a name, doesn't have to be special or particularly eccentric. The character, who may yet end up a man - or indeed a woman - is a Foreign Office minister who becomes embroiled in a West African conflict.

Will think of something soon enough.


The Strange Case of Something Or Other...