The Lonesome Death of Old Rusty Brown

Added on 23 May 2011

The front cover of last week's Bookseller magazine has an advert for a novel with the strapline, against a backdrop of the Palace of Westminster, Can you win an election and cover up murder at the same time? Nice of Robinson Books to put that advert there for my Barney Thomson/Tony Blair story which is due on Kindle shortly. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the novel has a different title.

Barney Thomson completists - I met one once - might be wondering what's happened to the Tony Blair story, which was originally published online prior to the 2005 general election as Barney Thomson & The Half-Blood PM. Well, it's more or less ready to go and will be published on Kindle shortly as The Wormwood Code. However, I'm concentrating for the moment on finishing off This Year's crime novel, so The Wormwood Code will have to wait a few more weeks.

In the meantime there's a new Barney Thomson short to keep the international Barney Thomson publishing empire ticking along. Click on the hastily assembled cover below to go to the story.