Song Of The Dead Cover

Added on 12 January 2016

Snowing in Tallinn today. Weird weather. The temperature having risen from -20 to -9, there’s almost a feeling of thaw about the place. The sea has suddenly said, ‘Freeze? Of course I’m not going to freeze, you asshole.’ But, wait, it’s like -9°C. Why is the snow a bit slushier? Why doesn’t the sea continue to freeze?

Anyway, this is the cover of SONG OF THE DEAD, which is my next crime novel, published by Freight – in all-new paperback – on 24th March. They’ve gone for a picture of Tallinn on the cover, over Dingwall, even though the split is probably three-to-one in favour of Dingwall in terms of the amount of time spent in the place. Tallinn is a lot more photogenic, after all, what with all the Russian Orthodox Cathedrals in Dingwall having been destroyed.

Click here to go to Freight’s page for the book, where fellow Scottish author Tony Black says, 'A Tartan Noir tour de force. Lindsay writes with an economy and skill all too rare in modern fiction. If you haven't read the Barney Thomson author yet - buy this and join the bandwagon, you'll find me on there, beating the drum for this brilliant book.' Which is very kind of him.

Details of the full world promotional tour to follow.