The Final Cut Now Available

Added on 05 September 2009

The Final Cut, the seventh and last novel in the Barney Thomson crime series, has been published by Long Midnight Publishing, and is now available to order from all the usual on-line suspects.

Elvis Shackleton, Long Midnight's eccentric publicity director, is excited by the new release. This is a fantastic conclusion to the series. The Barney novels have always subverted the crime novel genre. Lindsay has existed on the outer limits of crime fiction, writing free-flowing stories where anything goes, mixing black comedy with brutal murder, outlandish philosophy with strange ruminations on politics, football and the meaning of existence. With The Final Cut, he adds a bizarre metaphysical slant, which once more drags the series in yet another new direction.

While it is expected that Lindsay will follow-up his previous blockbusting on-line novel Barney Thomson & The Half-Blood PM, with another dynamic political satire leading up to the forthcoming General Election, this is definitely the last time Barney Thomson will be seen in print.

Elvis Shackleton puts everything in perspective: This is the worst day for British literature since Sherlock Holmes fell off the Eiffel Tower.