Douglas Lindsay Talks About the New Barney Thomson Novel, The Final Cut

Added on 29 July 2009

Q: So, The Final Cut… It sounds pretty definite. Is this the last Barney Thomson novel?


DL: Yep.


Q: Really? I mean, it’s the kind of thing people always say. You yourself, I mean, you killed Barney off before and brought him back.


DL: This time it’s the right thing to do. There are only so many ways to describe cutting someone’s hair, and to be honest, I probably ran out of them after book two.


Q: So, is there anything about the end of this book that’s different from the others?


DL: Well, they’re all different at the end. But yes, this one is a little unique. I like the end. It’s a good way to wrap up the series.


Q: You haven’t done that Harry Potter thing and skipped forward fifteen years?


DL: Probably not.


Q: Any other insights you can give us about the novel to get the fans excited?


DL: Well, it’s set in London. I don’t know if that’ll get anyone excited. I just didn’t think I could set another crime novel on Millport. It’s just not that big a place. I think the writing’s pretty good. Satan’s back, after his appearance at the end of the previous episode. And to balance things up, I introduce God as a character this time as well.


Q: Would you say that this is the best Barney novel ever?


DL: God, I hate that phrase. Everything has to be the best ever now. It’s like if it’s been done even slightly better before, then the next thing has no value. The 2012 Olympics are going to be the best ever, the new Harry Potter movie’s the best ever, the latest issue of Empire magazine is the best preview issue ever... It’s like marketing written by a five year-old. As soon as you hear that phrase attached to something, you think, uh-oh… Having said that, I think it’s fair to say that The Final Cut is not just the best Barney novel ever, but probably the best book ever written in the English language.


Q: What about Scooby and the gang?


DL: They were a one-off for book six. Generally Scooby and the gang met with widespread opprobrium, so I think it’s best if that sleeping dog is left where it is.


Q: If I can just use the Harry Potter reference again. JK Rowling said that she cried when she was writing parts of the final episode. Anything in the last Barney to make you cry?


DL: No, I’m afraid not. I haven’t cried since Scotland lost that World Cup qualifier 5-0 to Portugal in 1993.


Q: So what are you going to do next? Any other projects lined up for the future?


DL: I need to get the Barney Thomson series sorted out for digital publication, I’ll concentrate on that for a while. There’s the Strange Case cd to release. And I’ve another couple of script ideas I might have a go at. Other than that, maybe it’s time to get a proper job.


Q: Such as?


DL: Not sure. Astronaut maybe. Cleaning the toilets. One of them.


Q: Thanks for talking to us. Can I just get you to confirm, that this is absolutely, definitely, without question, the last Barney Thomson novel?


DL: This is absolutely, definitely without question, the last Barney Thomson novel.


Q: There will be no Never Say Never Again?


DL: Well, I can’t say that Sean Connery won’t ever write a Barney Thomson novel, but I certainly won’t.


The Final Cut from Long Midnight Publishing, will be published on 1st September 2009