The Shower Gel Bottle Promised It Would Delight My Senses, But In The End It Just Cleaned My Armpits

Added on 02 March 2009

A sick day today. That is, Two of Two is home sick from school. One of those tricky he-was-bad-yesterday-and-not-great-in-the-night-but-he's-not-too-bad-this-morning-but-I-should-probably-keep-him-off-just-in-case kind of decisions. So I've been trying not to make it too much fun, although it will inevitably end in football in the back garden, burger and chips, beer, sport on the tele, a trip to a casino and then last thing at night at a pole dancing club. There's a lot of pole dancing in Warsaw.

This morning when I went for a shower, I discovered that TPCAKM had bought Palmolive Aromatherapy Shower Gel, bergamot, cassis and orange flower flavour. I wonder if she just picked it off the shelf because it was there - like a man would have done - or if she particularly bought it because it was bergamot, cassis and orange flower flavour? And would she have bought it if it had been oregano, cassis and orange flower or was it the bergamot that swung it? And how long did a team in a lab who could have been doing something more useful, spend coming up with this particular trio of body wash ingredients? And is Persil Gold washing powder only for gold clothes? And is President Obama in his Brave New World, going to implement a worldwide ban on Advertising Wank or would that be a corporate push too far?

I'd probably wonder some more things, if I had the time.