Writer Talks About Book

Added on 04 September 2012

For years Douglas Lindsay has been a perennial favourite on Radio 4’s Today programme, and this morning he appeared on the show once again, to talk about his latest project.

James Naughtie: So, we’re just a few months away from the release of Part 1 of THE HOBBIT. How’s that looking at the moment?

Douglas Lindsay: I think it’s going to be great.

JN: There’s some concern, understandable concern it has to be said, over Peter Jackson’s recent announcement that the story will now be spread over three films. The book’s only 200 pages long for pity’s sake!

DL: You know, I really don’t think that’s going to be an issue. Pete and Fran have such fantastic vision… you know, cinematic vision, and this extraordinary storytelling ability... 

JN: So what part precisely have you had to play in the production of the movie so far?

DL: … well, I’ve read the book, and now I’ll go and watch the film. 

JN: But you were involved in some way in the writing of the film? 

DL: No. 

JN: You were a script editor? Something along those lines? 

DL: I wasn’t involved in it at all. I’m here to talk about my new crime novel. 

JN: So, you had nothing to do with The Hobbit? 

DL: No. 

JN: Fuck… Seriously? 

DL: I’m not involved in the Hobbit… 

JN: Jesus. What the fuck? What was all that ‘Pete and Fran’ shit then, like you were BFF’s? 

DL: I don’t know. That was just… 

JN: You know what this is like? 

DL: An episode of the Muppets? 

JN: It’s the reverse of that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant has to pretend to be a journalist talking to a real movie star. I’m the real journalist, talking to… fucking, I don’t know, fucking Elmo, fucking Bob the Builder, some shit like that. 

DL: I’m not just some fucking guy. I’m here to talk about my new crime novel. 

JN: …… You have a new crime novel? Whatever. Go on… 

DL: It’s called We Are The Hanged Man, and it’s… 

JN: Jesus. We Are The Hanged Man? Did you even get the title proof-read, never mind the rest of it? 

DL: Can we talk about the book? 

JN: Why not? I’m sure there’s as much interest in it as there is in The Hobbit. 

DL: It’s released as an ebook from Blasted Heath and… 

JN: Oh, for fuck’s sake. An ebook? Jesus. 

DL: What? 

JN: Everyone and their mum’s releasing ebooks. 

DL: Who? 

JN: Writers… 

DL: Who else? 

JN: … writer’s mums. 

DL: Funny. Now that you’ve stopped channelling your inner Hot Fuzz, maybe we can talk about the book… 

JN: Sorry, that’s all we’ve got time for, we need to talk to some dwarves. Duncan Lindsay, thank you for taking the time to talk about your new book, which sounds like it ought to be called I Am The Hanged Man, but doesn’t appear to be.