5 Deaths In Barney Thomson Novels

Added on 18 November 2011

Today I've written another blog on someone else's website. Yes, I know, it's extraordinary that anyone would even ask. It's a list of 5 Deaths In Barney Thomson Novels. Not necessarily the Top 5, as voted for by gullible fools phoning in at £1.50 a minute, it's just any old list. Although, having said that, the death at Number One is my favourite.

Here's a short excerpt.

The killer in this book takes care of most of his victims by decapitating them with an axe. Some of the deaths are described – scenes which I must confess to writing without doing any significant research – while some we just learn through the aftermath. My favourite is the one where old man Koppen is murdered; his body is left sitting on the sofa, his decapitated head placed on top of the television, after which blood runs down the screen and congeals, while hard core pornography plays on a continuous loop on the TV. I'm not sure how hard core pornography – or indeed drama of any kind – would play on a continuous loop on one's TV set, but let's not let that stand in the way of an absurdly grotesque scene.

Cick here to read the rest. Thanks to Nigel Bird for letting me loose somewhere different.