Added on 03 November 2011

So BLASTED HEATH, the new e-publishing multinational mega-giant, have arrived with the kind of orgasmic ejaculation of generosity not witnessed since the Lenape people of north America sold Manhattan to the Dutch for three pieces of Edam and the last year of Edgar David's contract at Tottenham. Having happily given away the Barney Thomson thriller THE END OF DAYS in the run up to the launch of the company - something which they continue to do to this day - they have spent this week chirpily handing out the five launch titles with gay abandon in an effort to make no money and sink the company before Christmas.

Each of the five titles are available free to download from for a period of 24 hours, and THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMSON's turn begins at 1101hrs on Friday 4th November.

Here's a little promo video I made earlier. Tell your friends. Download the book. For free. Go on.

If you're wondering what the groovy music excerpt is on the vid, it's the instrumental section from a curious song of the Mabel Rankin Beat Quartet entitled Meat Eater & The Dinosaur, which is a touching story of an affair between a woman and a diplodocus.

It's a romantic tale of cross-species love, which ends tragically when the angry villagers chase the diplodocus out of town and kill him, following which the woman dies of a broken heart. Final verse:

Love knows no boundaries, and they were the proof
When one was so small, and one through the roof
The grooviest friendships last forever
For love is a wonderful, beautiful river.

Yes, it clearly has the mark of the seasoned crime writer all over it.

(Sadly, Meat Eater & The Dinosaur remains unreleased…)

But enough about Meat Eater & The Dinosaur. At 1101hrs GMT on 4th November 2011, get yourself along to and get the crime novel that the Guardian said had "elements which are enjoyable…"

The Long Midnight Of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay from Blasted Heath on Vimeo.