Pereira & Bain Now In Paperback

Added at 11:08 on 17 March 2023

The Pereira & Bain series never really got going. I wrote THE JUDAS FLOWER in the spring of 2016. First draft only took a few weeks, and I recall long, warm, sunny days in Tallinn. It was taken up by an online German imprint, Bastei Lübbe.

They then asked for a short novel to introduce the series, so I wrote COLD CUTS, which became Book 1. The two titles were published in late 2017, simultaneously in English and German, and then a month or two later the company decided that they didn’t want an English language digital imprint anymore, and shut down the entire operation. There went Pereira & Bain, dead in the water before it had ever got going.

They didn't remove them from existence, though. Instead, the two ebooks sat there all this time on Amazon, going nowhere, doing nothing. I always hesitated requesting the rights return, because I presumed, wrongly as it turned out because obviously I have no idea how these things work, that the publisher would look for an exchange of money, since I’d barely earned a third of the advance on Judas Flower. As it was, when I wrote to them speculatively on 1st February this year, they removed their editions from Amazon within the hour, and I officially had my rights back by the end of the day, no payment required. There’s that German efficiency everyone talks about.

So, now, the two books are back up online. And since I have dominion, there are paperback versions.

This also leaves the possibility of bringing the characters back in, what would likely turn out to be, Book 3, but it’s early days. Might happen. Might not. Let’s see how this plays out. 

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