THE END OF DAYS: Interview With Douglas Lindsay

Added on 26 October 2011

Blasted Heath, the digital publisher that looks set to re-invent publishing for the new millennium, will launch on Tuesday 1st November 2011. In this searching and in-depth interview, Douglas Lindsay talks about one of Blasted Heath's launch titles, THE END OF DAYS. The influences behind the book, what drives him to keep writing the Barney Thomson series after so many years and so much low-profile success, and the place of the series in the pantheon of modern day crime fiction.

Normally a taciturn, misanthropic individual, it's rare for Lindsay to open up to an interviewer like this, so sit back and enjoy this incredibly rare interview and the astonishing insight into the working life of a modern day crime writing phenomenon.


The End Of Days - an interview with author Douglas Lindsay from Blasted Heath on Vimeo.